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Can I afford Counselling?

Counselling is an investment in your peace of mind, but it is important to consider how many sessions you can afford. I do understand the long waiting lists for free NHS counselling. I work with clients once per week, certainly initially as we get to know each other. If you tell me that you can afford to come for as long as it takes to work in depth, we are going to work very differently than if you say that your budget will only permit six sessions, in which case we need to be a lot more solution focussed. My aim is never to keep you in therapy for longer than needed, but rather to help you to get to a point where you are coping from day to day and are able to regain your balance when things happen to upset you.  

Examine the cost implications for yourself and have a good think about what you would like to achieve. If you feel that you have so many interlinked issues that it's like trying to contain a box of frogs, perhaps think about which of these concerns you the most? For example, if you would rate your anxiety, anger or stress levels as 9/10 every day, would reducing that level to around 6/10 make your life more manageable?  

Having a measurable goal in mind can help us to navigate your path. One of the benefits of private counselling is that you can always return at a later date when new challenges arise and be confident of seeing the same person, not having to start all over again from scratch.


How much does it cost?

Counselling teenagers and young people

Young People's Counselling

I see young people from teenage onwards if they are open to counselling.  One of the challenges of working with teenagers is that sometimes they can feel as if they are being 'sent', and that counselling is not something which they have chosen for themselves.  We look at all sorts of issues from exam stress and revision, through to bullying, abuse and self-harm.   

It is important to the confidential nature of counselling that parents or carers do not pressure young people for details of what they have discussed, nor tell them not to say anything about a known family problem.  That said, I do encourage young people to invite their parent or guardian into a later session if appropriate, but this can only be done if they agree.

Cost of counselling for a young person up to age 20;

£45 per hour

*  If a young person is self-funding their own counselling then they may benefit from my concessionary rates if they are able to attend between 9-6pm.  See details below.  Please be sure to mention this when booking your session.

Counselling support for carers, ADHD, SEN counselling

Counselling for Individual Adults

I offer a full therapeutic hour for all counselling whereas many therapists work with a 50 minute session.  You can have your counselling either in person from my office or via Skype or Whatsapp from the comfort of your own home.

Cost of counselling for adults;


Under 20's can benefit from my young persons rate, see above.

Couples counselling, infertility counselling, abortion counselling

Couples Counselling

The first session for couples counselling is slightly longer, at an hour and a half,  in order for us to discuss in depth what you want to get from our sessions together.  After that I may suggest that you each do an individual session to really clarify if there are issues you feel uncomfortable about or unable to start a conversation with your partner about. After this, counselling sessions are 60 minutes in length and can only start once both parties to the couple are persent.

Cost of counselling for couples:

Initial 90 minute session £75

Ongoing 60 minutes sessions £65

Affordable Counselling for anxiety, stress and depression, self-harm, abuse, neglect

Concessionary Rates for Students, Student Counsellors, Unemployed, OAPs

I have a limited number of places available on concessionary fees.  These apply to those registered unemployed, OAPs, carers and full-time students or student counsellors.  

I can only hold these sessions during the daytime hours of 9-6pm and they may have a short waiting list. Do call me to discuss.

Cost of concessionary sessions £40


I just wanted to let you know how my exam went.  I am so happy to say I got through it with very little panic. I had a slight wobble in the morning, however once I got inside and got into it, it went very smoothly.  Using the exam visualisation just before I went inside the exam hall and doing the breathing exercise once during, was more than enough to help me through it. 

Once I stayed calm and concentrated on the exam questions, the 3 hours seemed to pass quickly. I only got up once and that was not just to escape the room! Even at one point during, I was so happy and proud that I was actually sitting in there calmly, I wanted to cry happy tears. Lucky I stopped myself!

I am still currently waiting for the results, however I am hoping for the best!

S,  24

At a point in my life when I felt so lost, I picked Sally to help me, and thats exactly what she has done and much more. Her natural ability to care and listen, coupled with her professional approach is exactly what I needed. 

I leave Sally knowing more about myself and others around me and the comfort that she is there for me.  I thoroughly recommend Sally, her expertise and positive attitude.

P, 53   

I struggle with depression, and after coming off my meds I needed to see someone.  Sally was brilliant. She helped me look at deeper issues which I hadn't realised before.

R, 32


Please mention days and times when you are available to attend, in order for me to see if I can meet your needs

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