Can I Afford Counselling?

Counselling is an investment in your own peace of mind , but it is important to consider the cost when choosing a therapist.  I generally work with clients once per week, certainly initially as we get to know each other.  If you tell me that you can afford to come for a year to work in depth on your family background, for example, we are going to work very differently than if you say that your budget only permits six sessions.  I can work in either way and we would discuss that when we first meet.  

Examine the cost implications and have a good think about what you would like to achieve from your counselling.  If you can only afford one session per month email me any way, I might suggest that you save to take the first two sessions weekly, and the likelihood is that you might be given homework exercises or reading, but I have certainly had short and long-term therapy myself and would not discount any method outright.

How much does it cost?

Young People's Counselling

I see young people from teenage onwards if they are open to the idea of counselling.  One of the challenges of working with teenagers is that sometimes they can feel as if they are being 'sent' for counselling rather than choosing it for themselves.  I offer the first session really for them to decide whether or not they would like to return, but it is important to the confidential nature of counselling that parents or carers do not pressure them for details of what they have discussed.  That said, I do encourage young people to invite their parent or guardian into session when appropriate, but this can only be done if they agree.

Cost of counselling for a young person up to age 20;

£35 per hour

4 sessions prepaid £130 (non-refundable)

Counselling for Individual Adults

I offer a full therapeutic hour for all counselling whereas many therapists work with a 50 minute session, either in person or via Skype.

Cost of counselling for adults;

Between 9am - 6pm Monday to Friday £40 per session

Early morning, evening and weekend sessions £45 per hour

4 sessions prepaid daytime £150 (non-refundable)

4 sessions prepaid early mornings, evenings or weekends £170 (non-refundable)

Under 21's can benefit from my young persons rate, see below

Couples Counselling

Sometimes one party in a couple can be reluctant to try counselling, as they fear it will be an opportunity for their partner to haul them across the coals for past misdeeds in front of a witness.  This is simply not the case.

In couples work it is the relationship itself which becomes 'the client', and the process is to encourage better communication of wants and needs between the partners.

Cost of counselling for couples;

First assessment session (90 minutes duration)  £70

Subsequent 60 minute sessions £60

Student Counsellors, OAPs and Concessionary Rates

I have a limited number of places available on concessionary fees.  These apply to those registered unemployed, OAPs, carers and fellow counselling students who often have to undergo lengthy periods of counselling as part of their training to practice.  

These sessions can only take place during the daytime hours of 9-6pm and may have a short waiting list. Do call me to discuss.

Cost of concessionary sessions £35

Four prepaid sessions £130 (non refundable)



At a point in my life when I felt so lost, I picked Sally to help me, and thats exactly what she has done and much more. Her natural ability to care and listen, coupled with her professional approach is exactly what I needed. I leave Sally knowing more about myself and others around me and the comfort that she is there for me.  I thoroughly recommend Sally, her expertise and positive attitude.

P, 53

At first I thought that I just attracted the wrong type of men.  During my sessions with Sally I came to realise that I was a complete commitment-phobe, which was hard to take on.  All my friends thought I knew already!  It feels very different now with my new partner.
M, 42

Thank you for everything you have done for me, it means so much.  You were the first person to help me understand myself more.  You've helped me to start to get back on track.
D, 16

Sally is great at what 'age' does, she has real empathy and understanding.  She really helped me to open up and connect with my feelings.
M,  50

I struggle with depression, and after coming off my meds I needed to see someone.  Sally was brilliant. She helped me look at deeper issues which I hadn't realised before.

R, 32


Please mention days and times when you are available to attend, in order for me to see if I can meet your needs

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