What Is Counselling?

Everybody has the right to seek happiness in life, but many of us are held back by anxiety, negative thoughts or a sense of duty.   All of these considerations can seem easier when you have space to talk about them. 

Counselling and psychotherapy are talking therapies which give you an opportunity to examine your life, your relationships and family history, and your hopes for the future, in a safe and calm environment.  A counsellor listens without judgment, allowing you space for reflection, helping you to consider your own best course of action.  

What should I expect?

I believe it is important to look at your whole way of living, examining not just your present problems but also your family background, your current challenges and your lifestyle.  When we are stressed or mentally exhausted we sometimes reach for comfort from food, caffeine, drugs or alcohol and then wonder why our minds are in disarray. I use methods which have been successful in the many directions of my own life and those of my clients, and will never suggest that you try something which I was not willing to try for myself.

Counselling is not always an easy journey, as with any truly honest self-exploration.  I will explain how I work at our first meeting, and in turn you can decide if this would work for you, with no obligation to continue if you feel uneasy in any way. I am not here to make any judgment about situations you have found yourself in, or the decisions you have made in the past. Our work will concentrate on helping you to sort things out and assisting you to make informed choices moving forwards from a calmer place.  It is vital that you are here because you want to try counselling for yourself, and are not here because somebody else has sent you or told you that you need to attend - this is because we only commit wholeheartedly to choices we are making for ourselves.

As part of my training I have had to have extensive personal therapy of my own, so I know what it feels like to attend a first counselling session, and can hopefully help you to feel comfortable.


Where will counselling take place?

Counselling will take place in a calm and peaceful office within my home. There is no need to feel nervous, you can even have a friend bring you along for your first appointment. Whilst I do not have a waiting room we are situated just two buildings from Waitrose, so I am sure they will find a way to occupy their time after they have brought you inside.


How long will it take?

Our weekly meetings will be for a full hour and can either be a short focused course of 6 sessions or less, to address a particularly pressing issue, or longer term to help you to regain your balance and sense of self. There is no limit to the number of sessions you can attend, it can be open-ended just as long as it provides you with support.  

You are the one who decides when to end.  You tell me what is working, and what isn't.I can suggest techniques and practices which might help you outside the counselling room, you select those which work for you.

After the initial meeting you can decide what you would like to get from our time together.  With time I would hope that you will experience a greater sense of balance in your life, and be able to appreciate the moment, not feeling controlled by either your emotions or the opinions of others.​

​Call: 07712 011180

e: sally@talkthinkact.co.uk